About Us

In iQubeS we dedicate ourselves to deliver a unique, attractive, and efficient business system for both small and large companies. iQS should provide a significant increase in efficiency and standardisation for the end users.

iQubeS was established in 2008, and is owned by the entrepreneurs and local investors. Future oriented requirements in the oil and gas service business led the entrepreneurs wanting to offer competence and working methods for more and smaller businesses.

Our business system and services are based on a long evolution in the oil industry on a national and international level, and are now available for companies of all sizes and businesses. Today’s trend is to utilize standard IT-systems to support the operational processes. This has over time proved to be a unique way of sharing the work methods of the oil industry with other land based companies.

After several years of hard work, we have managed to establish iQubeS with a strong regional role within delivery and implementation of our business system, as well as advisory and consultancy services of quality and HMS. Our greatest strength is being an operatively focused business system where we tie documentation and instructions to project management, QHSE, customer relations and personnel in one system. We support our customers in their operations across the world in a seamless web interface and have dedicated personnel in Norway and India.

The most critical challenge within IT management today is to be a part of the organization’s operation and value growth. With iQS, we assist our customers by digitalizing and systemize experience and competence in the company’s processes.

A natural activity associated with growth and additional requirements is to work closely with the customer. When customers focus on operation, leaders and decision makers with insight in ongoing projects and processes can more easily control and predict outcomes.

iQubeS is a Norwegian company with the ambition of sharing Norwegian competence and technology on a global level. We have something to share with the rest of the world.