Safety & Security

The company data is properly processed and stored in a private cloud service, accessible on demand for the end user.


Safety may be defined as control of known hazards to achieve an acceptable safety. iQubeS’ belief is that the customer data is secured against users accidentally or irresponsibly get their hands on or damage information

Customer data safety is handled in the following manner:

  • Differentiated and full back up
  • Redundant systems
  • Uptime goal of 99,98%
  • System surveillance and alerts (24/7/365)
  • Access control


Security is the system’s ability to resist vandalism or theft.

The customer’s security is handled in the following manner:

  • Hosting provider firewalls
  • Antivirus software to protect the servers and work stations against virus, spyware, or malware
  • System surveillance and alerts (24/7/365)