Profitbase is a natural and complimenting third party software for our operational business system iQS – especially for larger corporations and enterprises.

We recommend companies in need of financial reporting, planning and simulation based on information from iQS and other sources (accounting system and/or ERP-systems) to consider Profitbase software. Solstad Offshore, Stavanger Oilers Hockey and Wellbore are great examples of customer interactions and customer experiences are systemized.

Since 2000, Profitbase has been on the technological forefront regarding developing systems for business management. Profitbase defines business management as the activities that has to be done to implement strategies in the best possible way. Effective business management requires that the business and the management have the relevant and correct controlling information at all times. Profitbase makes sure to develop and implement the technology that supports this.

Profitbase's solutions for reporting and planning are delivered to different types of businesses, such as retail, shipping, Oil & Gas, production, health care and more.