Additional Functionality

iQS provides a number of possibilities. Beyond standard functionality, our business system can easily be expanded with additional functionality, where we customize your requirements against existing modules in iQS.

It’s important for us that development projects have defined budgets and that the projects are delivered within due date. We emphasize that even complex and customized iQS solutions should have a predefined user interface, is simple, and user friendly for the end user.

Additional functionality in iQS are deployed separately and fully integrated with other necessary modules in the business system. For instance, integration with Microsoft Outlook, and web based incident reporting via any web browser directly in iQS. This improves efficiency of task execution further by reducing otherwise time consuming work.

iQubeS offer customizations based on entirely new requirements or enhancement of existing standard functionality. The additional functionality is developed based on open scalability, operational reliability and flexibility in iQS. This gives your organization an opportunity to excel in the respective industry.


Save time with a simple absence calendar
With the iQS absence calendar you will have access to a simple and easy overview of absences in an open list for all employees. You can easily change to department view or other types of groups.

  • Absence calendar (Who is on vacation, planned sick leave)
  • Gives an easier and more intuitive overview
  • Ideal for businesses and organisations where all employees' calendars aren't shared in Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook Addin

Integration of email and attachments with Microsoft Outlook
iQS Outlook integrator allows for interaction with the iQS business system by offering a simple and intuitive way to move or copy emails or attachments directly to projects, contacts or businesses in iQS

Increased flexibility
With the iQS you can "drag and drop" from Microsoft Outlook to folders in Windows Explorer. In addition, you can choose to integrate iQS with Outlook, so that, for example, emails received in Outlook can be transferred as emails, and/or attachments, or emails with attachments directly to iQS projects, contacts or businesses.

Choose the "Upload" functionality from the toolbar in Microsoft Outlook and choose  where documents, emails and attachments shall be uploaded from lists or by using the search.

  • The biggest gain by integrating with Outlook is that the email history is tied to the chosen business, contract or project.
  • Saving directly in iQS from Microsoft Outlook is very easy.
  • Effective sharing of emails and files, with controlled access.
  • Version control by adding upload date, time and other parameters to file name.
Register audits on your smart phone and save time
iQubeS has developed an App for smart phones, so that you can easily report and monitor errors and oversights on the go. You save time by reporting QHS&E reports electronically, avoiding all the paper work. The App is simple and easy to use, and it  can easily be implemented into your work and connected to the iQS business system.

Send observations, suggestions for improvement, deviations and incidents that aren't according to current guidelines, where employees don't act according to the rules or won't adapt.  In order to avoid this, access to the latest controlling documents from iQS are also available.

No tax surprises – and better overview
The iQS vehicle log is an electronic list that saves all your driving (private and work) and calculates how many kilometres driven per vehicle. This saves a lot of time during tax audits as all the company cars usage has been documented and is readily available.
  • Can easily be presented and give the basis for the control centre
  • Can be exported to Excel (The PDF report needs to be customized)
  • Time saving
  • Easy to use
  • Can be shared with the entire organization

Interne Selskaper

Easier access with the right technology
The function "Internal Businesses" gives the company operational flexibility within projects, personnel and QHSE, independent from legal affiliation

Internal businesses can be established as the company grows, and during separation of business units before legal companies are created. The internal businesses unique information is taken care of by the business system.

Mange prosesser i samme prosjekt

More processes in one project
This function enables the iQS Project Management module to run more processes, that each can contain one or more phases within each project.
This makes it possible to run several sub processes independent from the time frame of the main process in the project phase.



Scalability in projects
This functionality allows the iQS Project Management module to run several projects from within a project. Each of these sub projects can contain one or more processes. The module can then edit these sub projects in separate processes, allowing for adding, removing or editing the processes within, without affecting the processes in other projects. Being able to change processes in several sub projects simultaneously, the system offers a more scalable and robust work space for the project managers.

Dynamic connection to chosen projects
iQS Portfolio Projects is used when you wish to connect several projects to a role, person, geographic area or department. The projects progression is shown, and more information is easily available.

The level is a workspace for internal resources and external resources can be tied to the projects via a shared workspace.