CRM & Contracts

If a business is to succeed in implementing a CRM-strategy, a professional and user friendly CRM-system is essential. iQS provides an extra dimension of collaboration in maintenance and completion of the delivery.

The iQS CRM module is where the company saves and gets full overview over all external relations (e.g. customers, partners, competators, suppliers) and contracts associated with these. Together with our other modules (QHSE, Project Management and Personnel) the company gets a fully integrated CRM solution that gives you a full overview over your customers, and supports your most important business processes.  

All contacts and their relation to the companies are stored in CRM. The contacts will be shown with photo and link to social profile (e.g. LinkedIn). You may export contact reports including images and contact information, best used for meetings and business travels. It allows you to efficiently synchronize information about the meeting participants.

Companies that take relationships (CRM) seriously, will experience success and increased efficiency. The contacts are shared by the entire company, instead of sales functions, financial functions and operations using different systems. Smart companies will find the support they need in the iQS business system.

CRM & Contracts
CRM & Contracts
- All businesses has their own work space in iQS
- All types of businesses can be registered (customers, suppliers, collaborators and other companies)

- Connections to business
- All relevant information (business card details, picture and link to profile)
- Contact reports with pictures for use in meetings and when travelling

- All contracts have their own work space in iQS
- All types of contracts can be registered (with customers, suppliers  collaborators and other companies)
- All types of agreements, with preferred supplier and collaborators, can be maintained in CRM contract
Category Online services
Subcategories Online services - Office applications
Language English OS
Subcategory language English OS - Optional language content
Recommended unit Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, Laptop, PC, Workstation
Recommended browser Internet Explorer - IE 9, IE 10 & IE 11 
License type Subscription
License validation period By agreement
Number of licenses By agreement
License details By agreement - Administrators and Super Users
System platform Windows
System requirements
Peripherals / Interfaces Internet connection, mobile internet connection
"2TD Drilling are developing a rotating, controllable tool for drilling in oil and gas wells on land in the US. During the developing stages we use the iQS CRM module to ensure that we have recorded and saved all critical information about our suppliers in one place. Due to this, our employees have access to updated information at all times, including the suppliers comments linked to incidents and deviations."

Sigmund Prestegård, CFO in 2TD Drilling