The module gives the company full control over personnel information, documents and tasks related to the individual employee.

The iQS system maintains information and details in relation to personnel seen from a HR perspective (HR data invisible to public view), aswell as open data (name, contact information, photo etc.).

Data that is exempt from public access can only be accessed by the person who is in an explicit access group.

All relevant data for and about personnel in list view, with a page for each individual employee.

  • Each persons page contains information about that person (can be defined by the company)
  • Employee log
  • Documents: certificates, CV, correspondence, letters, etc.
  • Performance reviews and actions according to performance appraisal
  • The system is 100 % dynamic when it comes to adding information about an employee that is specifically for the company
Category Online services
Subcategories Online services - Office applications
Language English OS
Subcategory language English OS - Optional language content
Recommended unit Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, Laptop, PC, Workstation
Recommended browser Internet Explorer - IE 9, IE 10 & IE 11 
License type Subscription
License validation period By agreement
Number of licenses By agreement
License details By agreement - Administrators and Super Users
System platform Windows
System requirements
Peripherals / Interfaces Internet connection, mobile internet connection
"We use the personnel module as a source when we create projects where personnel is to be sent to a field location. This functions optimally for us, and we can generate a PDF file with relevant data and certificates that can be sent to our customer. It is also a part of our progress when we mobilize personnel, as we can check health certificates and diplomas, as well as equipment such as harnesses, since these have an expiration date. The iQS system is a gift to us and since we've used it for two years now, most of the initial issues have been resolved. The system guarantees us that we can run our business highly efficient, using the least amount of personnel."

Åmund Sandvik, CEO in Stilas & Riggecompaniet