Project management

Our goal is that our customers will spend the time more efficiency by using iQS. Full control and overview of all projects. With everything in one system you gain efficiency by integrating the company's work processes in predefined project workspaces.

iQS offers an effective project management module with social features that improve engagement and productivity. The iQS system is based on that most of the jobs are defined as projects. Our project management module gives our customers the ability to initiate, plan, structure and follow up on all types of projects. It's all in a shared, flexible and user friendly implementation and project management tool. Communicate and collaborate efficient anytime, anywhere, with iQS as cloud service.

All projects get a seperate digital project space (workspace). The project workspace is a place where everyone participating in are involved and present. The module creates higher engagement through interactive and transparent communication. You plan and structure the work. Once the project is created, it will automatically retrive relevant processes from QHSE. Tasks concerning the project are assigned to people and are maintained from the persons "My Page", or in the project itself. 

Plan and implement projects with one tool, iQS, and with this strengthen your project team with simpler collaboration tools in a shared workspace. Increased efficiency to meet deadlines, quality demands and budgets when implementing projects based on best current practices of defined processes, which are retrieved automatically from the QHSE module. There is also functionality to make task assignments with gantt charts in projects.

Store, share, find and review all files easily and securely - all in one place. Store, share, find and review all files simple and secure in one location. Administer your documents in the workspace and gain immediate access to the latest versions of the documents.

Project management
Project management
Project management
Project management
  • Overview of projects
    Lists of the projects shows status of all the projects and all relevant information.

    Project space / Workspace
    All projects get their own project space / workspace. This contains all relevant information about the project, with details either in the info sheet or in the shortcut menu on the left side.

    • Process phases with progress view
    • Personnel (Internal resources)
    • Contacts (External from CRM)
    • Document library
    • Project log
    • Shortcut menu (for relevant functionality)

    Unique quality processes (Control plans)
    A projected progress is shown on the projects front page The process itself is defined and shown in detail further on in the project page.

    • Most projects will use a defined process as guideline throughout the execution. The process will be defined in the QHSE module and then be incorporated into a project when begun.
    • In the project, each point in the process will be marked with; status ("In progress", "Finished"), comments, relevance and deviations.
      • If a step is flagged with a deviation, it will be registered automatically in the deviation register in the QHSE module.

    Sharing a project externally – Shared workspace
    It is possible to share information externally with contacts defined in the project.

    • The person is chosen from contacts in the CRM and are added to the project.
    • Viewing access is given to the relevant folders and log details.
    • The iQS system sends the information to the customer, whom can log on, change password and bookmark the link to his / her desktop.
    • The customer can then follow the progress, read and update documents and write in the log.
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"Business processes are becoming more and more complex. iQS gives us both more flexibility and more standardisation at the same time. We see that the connection between business processes and projects can help us assure the quality and document our services and deliveries in a straightforward way."

Øivind Linnsund, QHSE Manager in WellPartner