The purpose of the QHSE module is to ensure that procedures, controlling documents, manuals and statements are structured and controlled. These are available to all employees through any digital device with access to the internet.

This module meets the ISO-requirements and includes reporting functionality concerning unwanted events (NCR), observations, improvement proposals, etc. All recorded events and observations will be listed on the concerned company's customer relationships (CRM) and / or project. The module also got a function to identify and evaluate existing processes and systems, aswell as a functionality for visualizing process maps to navigate through the entire business system. All modules in iQS have full document and version control, and the function to send documents for approval. The need for space consuming paper versions of the documents are removed or reduced, and thus distributing within the organization is simplified significantly.
Simple access
- To procedures, manuals, check lists, forms, process descriptions, manual, handbooks, 
  risk management, deviation and accident registration etc.
- Data is registered one place, once.
- The module is integrated with the three other basic modules in iQS so that the information can 
  be found throughout the entire business system.

The quality system, iQS, gives a basis for certification
- ISO9001
- ISO14001
- Achilles

The quality system, iQS, gives a basis for compliance with:
- Norwegian standards
- General Norwegian laws, regulations, legislations and rules
- Customer demands

All controlling documents are grouped in categories
- Guidelines
- Responsibility and authority
- Manuals
- Procedures (QA & HSE)
- Controlling external documents
- Procedures (Technical)

Continuous improvement
- Reporting and processing of incidents
- Reporting and processing of observations
- Reporting and processing of suggestions for improvement

Digitalisation of processes (LEAN)
- Business processes
- Supporting processes
- Routine processes

Relevant lists
- Inspections
- Safety inspections
- Surveillance of calibrated measuring tools
- Tool lists
Category Online services
Subcategories Online services - Office applications
Language English OS
Subcategory language English OS - Optional language content
Recommended unit Windows Tablet, Windows Phone, Laptop, PC, Workstation
Recommended browser Internet Explorer - IE 9, IE 10 & IE 11 
License type Subscription
License validation period By agreement
Number of licenses By agreement
License details By agreement - Administrators and Super Users
System platform Windows
System requirements
Peripherals / Interfaces Internet connection, mobile internet connection
"iQubes has not just answered to our expectation, but they have worked with us to further develop the product to answer to our evolving needs. By using iQS, the information, documentation and reporting have been standardised and easy to look up on the internet. This way, we are made sure that everyone has access to the right information and documentation, both onshore and offshore personnel, at all times. (24/7) ."

Knut Magne Gabrielsen, QHS&E Manager in DeepWell

"A 26 % higher efficiency has been documented after iQS was implemented in our organisation, helped by the automated and optimized processes. We appreciate the unique competence, the service and the quality iQubes has shared with us."

Odd Inge Olsen, Owner in Brødr. Olsen Mur & Bygg

"iQS is a very intuitive, user friendly and mobile system. Now we finally have a system the gives us full control of the quality assurance in the company, where both registration and processing of deviations and observations are traceable. Now we've also got full version control of all the documents, where only the latest version is available to the users. Documents are now easy to find and sharing relevant information has become a pleasure ."

Johan Møller Warmedal, CEO in Transmark Subsea

"We have used the iQS business system to manage our QHS&E system for several years. We are very satisfied with the support from the iQS business system and the resources in iQubeS. As MarLog is ISO 9001 certified, this is of great importance to us. "

Magne Grønnestad, Skipper / CEO in MarLog