Inventory & Logistics

The Inventory & Logistics module offers a real time operational overview, history, and inventory details of all registered equipment and/or possessions. The organization will be able to track and display details of equipment across the world using our cloud based business system.

The module keeps control of inventory and possessions (rental equipment for instance). Equipment can be selected and assigned directly to each individual job from iQS. The equipment may be handled across several internal departments, locations/units.

With iQS you will continuously have good and consistent routines:

  • Mobilizing equipment and parts
  • Receiving of goods
  • Registering and selecting equipment for individual jobs
Tracking equipment on jobs or on maintenance
Inventory & Logistics

Detailed overview

  • Overview over purchase orders, with descriptions, status and relevant information
  • Order contacts
  • Documents
  • Receiving inspection
  • Log
  • Equipment
    • Workspace
    • Serial number control
    • Mother-child documentation and life
    • Log
    • Transaction history

In iQS, the business would digitally be able to group and tag their tools and equipment with serial numbers, which otherwise would have to be done physically. By doing this, the business could easily count and identify their equipment. It is possible to flag tools/equipment as active, leased, sold or inactive, done both easily and correctly. Viewing the history of the tools and equipment is a functionality that is automatically included in the Oil & Gas version of iQS, with contact personnel.

Tools and equipment can be transferred, degree of utilisation can be added in the activity log, the tools status can be updated, with a certainty that all the smaller components of the tool inherit the updates correctly in iQS. After inspection and maintenance, the test results can be found digitally with an inspection log from iQS.

The iQS-Tool Tracker module enables an instant overview of the tools or equipments status whenever wanted. Since iQS understands the hierarchical structure in Tool-Tracker, the subcomponents will automatically inherit the updates of the superior tool/equipment. In the case of an incident, you will be able to know who, what, when and where, making it easy to also figure out why and how.

You want to know:

  •      Who - Which tools, equipment and technicians were involved,
  •      What happened (as described by technician),
  •      When did the incident occur, or when was it reported, and
  •      Where (well, job type, location, etc) the incident occurred.

The log will give access to the technicians notes, so you can learn why and how the incident occurred.

By allocating tools and employees to jobs using the iQS-Tool Tracker, you will be reminded where your resources are at any given time. Beyond this, iQS also enables you to know what happens on the work location, also with the equipment that isn't in stock.

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