Companies selecting iQS as their operational business system to gain improvement and efficiency will maximise the value of the system by analysing and implement the company’s existing BI (Business Intelligence), methods and practices in this new format.

iQS Business is standard, out of the box software, which is why the delivery time is short. iQubeS may assist in efficient implementation of iQS in the company by applying senior project management. Our consultants, along with the company’s dedicated super user will ensure a gradual plan, handover, and implementation according to customer expectations.

By combining IT and business knowledge in iQS, your company has the ability to communicate both ways. It may serve as the “translator” between the two.

It’s recommended to analyse existing system landscapes to transfer all the good existing processes and practices. Companies often have a number of related, complex problems, creating the expectation of having several business related advantages from implementing a new IT-plantform included.

  • Meet the organization’s process and performance goals through increased productivity and efficiency due to automation of business processes
  • Streamline and handle large operative processes in the organization which may have grown in complexity due to company growth
  • Upgrade and pass on existing operational practices and experience which is fragmented or dependent on individuals
  • Gain advantages in data handling through enhanced availability of information, minimal duplication of data, and better forecasts

iQubeS consultants will assist with counselling services, business analysis, courses and general project management to achieve continuous improvement and best practice. Our work spans across a wide variety of industries and companies, giving us an unique opportunity to continually upgrade the business system and share our knowledge and experience with our customers.