Business Analysis

Business Analysis

iQubeS will assist with conducting an analysis of the company’s activities where they will be systemized, analysed and mapped according to the company’s goals.

The original decision to acquire and implement a new business system on a modern IT platform is often driven by inefficiency in the organization’s business processes. In addition to deliver the obvious advantages with automation of business processes, better data availability, and increased maintenance efficiency, the implementation of the system may improve the way the daily processes of the organization are handled.

  • Execution structure
    • Analytics
      • Meet the organization’s financial goals through increased productivity and efficiency as a cause of automated business processes
      • Streamline and handle large operative processes which may have grown in complexity along with company growth
      • Upgrade or replace an existing, deprecated ERP system unable to support the company’s daily processes
      • Achieve better data handling through increased data availability, minimized duplication of data, and better forecasts
  • Systemization of analysed results
    • Define areas for improvement and change
    • Mapping
  • Form recommendations for alternative solutions
    • Reporting

Suggest implementation plan and management of change